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Growing Support for Sarah Corkery


Every day, new voters throw their support behind our campaign. We're honored to share the endorsements of key supporters like the AFL-CIO, Planned Parenthood and Reproductive Freedom for All alongside testimonial videos from our neighbors in the district.


Iowa Federation of Labor

"The Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO, has endorsed Sarah Corkery. The state federation of labor represents more than 42,000 members of 280 unions throughout Iowa."

Reproductive Freedom for All

"Our mission is to support, as a fundamental right and value, a person’s freedom to make personal decisions regarding the full range of reproductive choices through education, training, organizing, legal action, and public policy."

Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Sarah Corkery has been steadfast in her defense of a woman’s right to seek health care and an abortion. She has said she would cosponsor the Women’s Health Protection Act on day one in Congress and fight for any piece of legislation that helps keep a woman’s decision about her own health care between her and her doctor.

National Education Assoc. PAC

We are excited our national NEA PAC Committee has voted to recommend you for Congress in IA-02! You can find this recommendation on our website here

Endorser List

Iowa Federation of Labor

Reproductive Freedom for All

Planned Parenthood Action Fund

Dave Loebsack, Former U.S. Congressman

Pam Jochum, State Senate Minority Leader

Swati Dandekar, Former State Senator

Bill Dotzler, State Senator

Molly Donahue, State Senator

Eric Giddens, State Senator

Rob Hogg, Former State Senator

Jerome Amos Jr., State Representative

Timi Brown-Powers, State Representative

Sue Cahill, State Representative

Bob Kressig, State Representative

Andy McKean, Former State Representative

Sami Scheetz, State Representative

J.D. Scholten, State Representative

Art Staed, State Representative

Ross Wilburn, State Representative

Mary Weaver, Chair of the IA Dem Party Women's Caucus

Vikki Brown, Chair of the Black Hawk Co. Dems

Joe Kaletka, Chair of the Howard Co. Dems

Nick Volk, Chair of the Benton County Dems

Tracy Smith, Vice Chair of the Cerro Gordo Co. Dems

Mitchell County Democrats (IA)

Julie Stauch, Political Campaign Leader

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